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DPhil (Oxford University),

Fellow, Royal Historical Society

Professor of Church History
Regent College, Vancouver, BC


April 16, 1950 - October 19, 2021

The Lewis family would like all the visitors of this website to know that Dr. Donald Munro Lewis passed away on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 in Vancouver, BC, of a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest. He was seventy-one. The memorial service was conducted at The Tenth Church, Vancouver on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

The memorial service was live streamed and is available here.

Regent College celebrated the memory of Prof. Donald M. Lewis on Oct 26 2021, the Tuesday of the week of the All Saints Day. Prof. Bruce Hindmarsh gave the chapel talk: THE DEATH OF DEATH IN THE DEATH OF CHRIST (Available for free download).

A tribute to Prof. Donald M. Lewis authored by Julie Lane Gay is available here.

A tribute to Prof. Donald M. Lewis authored by the Diocesan Bishop of the Anglican Network in Canada, The Right Reverend Charlie Masters is available here.

A tribute to Prof. Donald M. Lewis by Tim Challies is available here: Why I Owe Everything To Don Lewis

On the Sunday before his passing Prof. Donald M. Lewis preached his last sermon at Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship titled Be of Good Cheer


Donald M. Lewis is the author of four major books including  A Short History of Christian Zionism: From the Reformation to the Twenty-First Century, and the editor of six books including the two-volume Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, 1730-1860.


Donald M. Lewis is the author of over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed Journals and 
Academic publications including "'Lights in Dark Places': Women Evangelists in Early Victorian Britain, 1838-1857," and "On Spiritual Symmetry: The Christian Devotion of William Wilberforce."


Listen to Donald M. Lewis's lectures, podcasts, and interviews, including History I: From the Early Church to the Reformation, History II: From the Reformation to the Present Day, and The Person, the Pastor & the Psychiatrist

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I am a historian who specializes in the history of evangelicalism in the Victorian era.  I did my doctorate at Oxford University and have written and published extensively in this area.


One of my areas of specialization is the History of Christian Zionism which examines Christian support for the idea of a Jewish Homeland. 


My first book on this topic was The Origins of Christian Zionism: Evangelical Support for a Jewish Homeland (Cambridge University Press, 2009).  I have another book related to this topic: A Short History of Christian Zionism: From the Reformation to the Twentieth Century which is published by IVP Academic.

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"Donald M. Lewis has done a heroic work in exploring the history of Christian Zionism from its inception in the Reformation era until our times. The book is, to date, the most comprehensive and thorough study of the topic and offers an excellent overview of a highly important religious and political movement. The book is a must-read for anyone taking interest in Christian messianic beliefs and their impact on mission, diplomacy, and interfaith relations."

Yaakov Ariel

Professor of Religious Studies

The University of North Carolina  Chapel Hill

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