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A.    “Understanding Christian Zionism”

I. I can do a single lecture that gives a bird’s-eye view of my arguments in my two major books on the topic.

II. A series of four (or more!) lectures that unpack my arguments at greater length – possibly a Friday evening / Saturday conference-type event or possibly four evenings over a four week period (although this is far more time-consuming and arduous for the speaker).

  1. The origins of Christian Restorationism in the Reformation and its development in English Puritanism; the rise of a new “teaching of esteem” toward the Jews and how all this relates to Catholicism and Islam (the “Pope” and the “Turk”)

  2. The role of German Pietism in influencing English-speaking evangelicalism on the matter of Jewish evangelism and the early development of American Christian Zionism

  3. The shifts in nineteenth-century British and American evangelicalism that led to a politically active Christian Zionism and the Balfour Declaration of 1917

  4. The explosion of Christian Zionism since 1948 – with particular regard to events in America and more recently among Christians in the Global South

B.    Individual Lectures in the History of Christianity

I can do individual survey lectures on Christianity in specific geographical contexts:

  1.     “A survey of the History of Christianity in China from the 7th century to Today”

  2.     “The History of Christianity in Korea since the 1880s to Today”

  3.     “The Explosion of Charismatic Christianity in Latin and South America”

C.    Individual lectures on major figures in the pastoral tradition of the church:

  1. Augustine and the Shape of Pastoral Ministry

  2. “The Great Shaper of the Pastoral Tradition”: Pope Gregory the Great 

  3.  John Calvin as pastor of the Reformed Tradition

  4. Richard Baxter: the Pastor as Catechist and Shepherd 

  5. “Amazing Grace”: John Newton as pastoral evangelist and spiritual director

  6. “Out of Weakness, Strength”:  Charles Haddon Spurgeon: the preacher acquainted with grief

  7. “Pastoral evangelist and strategist of global evangelicalism”: John Stott

  8. “Contemplative Pastor and Catechist-in-Chief”: Eugene Peterson



Interviews on Christian Zionism

I am happy to do interviews regarding Christian Zionism, whether for print media, radio, or a podcast.  I ask that the questions be given me in advance so that I may tailor my responses to the needs of the audience.  Given that this is such a controversial and fraught topic, I want to be wise and cautious in what I say!



Retreats for Christian Pastors


I have been asked to organize a number of retreats for Christian pastors across denominations both in Canada and the United States and am willing to consider organizing such events for pastors, especially pastors who are alumni of Regent College.  I might be the speaker at such a retreat, but am also willing and eager to recruit other speakers who would be able to meet the specific felt needs of pastors (I know many gifted pastors whom I think would be willing to help out in this regard).   I would work with the speaker and the retreat hosts, attend the retreat and take part in whatever ways are most helpful.  The number of such retreats that I could handle a year is quite limited, but I am open to proposals from those who are interested.  My focus would be on the pastoral care of pastors with plenty of leisure time built-in, along with some solid content, but would build in time for the deepening of friendships and spiritual connections with peers in ministry.




For those wondering about honoraria:

I have three aims:

  1. to serve the wider academic community in understanding the complexity of Christian Zionism;

  2. to help Christians generally understand their history and heritage;

  3. to help strengthen Christian pastors in their callings.


Anyone wishing to give an honorarium could instead give to Regent College and receive a charitable tax receipt.  I have general guidelines about honoraria that I can share with serious inquirers. Just email me, and I will get back to you.

Please fill out the speaking engagement forms as you invite me to speak. They are downloadable below.

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