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The Best Of Crux, 1979-1989

Edited by Donald M. Lewis

A comprehensive and compelling study of the church and the complexities of nineteenth-century London. Challenging our understanding of the culture in working London at this time, Lewis presents a well-structured and illuminated work that contributes substantially to the study of evangelicalism and mission in nineteenth-century Britain.


Section One: Theology:

  1. The great commandment / Klaus Bockmuehl

  2. The ten commandments: are they still valid? / Klaus Bockmuehl

  3. Secularism and theology / Klaus Bockmuehl

  4. Core issues in theological debate / Linda Mercadante

  5. The means of conversion / J.I. Packer

Section Two: Spirituality:

  1. Recovering vocation today / Klaus Bockmuehl

  2. The serenity of Christ / James M. Houston

  3. The prayer-life of C.S. Lewis / James M. Houston

  4. Godliness in Ephesians / J.I. Packer

Section Three: Biblical Studies:

  1. Confessions of a failed archaeologist / Carl E. Armerding

  2. Creation, covenant and work / William J. Dumbrell

  3. Laos and leadership under the New Covenant / Gordon D. Fee

Section Four: History:

  1. Church and state in socialist China, 1949-1987 / Jonathan Chao

  2. The promise of Adolf Schlatter / W. Ward Gasque

Section Five: Inter-disciplinary Studies:

  1. The literary apologetic of Flannery O'Connor / Julie Lane Gay

  2. The reconciliation of parties in conflict: the theory and application of a model of last resort / Preston Manning

  3. To fight a losing battle victoriously -- a personal comment / Philip G. Ney

  4. The divine game of Pinzatski / Murray Pura

  5. The God who mixes His metaphors / Luci Shaw

  6. Relating human personhood to the Health Sciences: an Old Testament perspective / Bruce Waltke

  7. Art as creation or art as work? / Loren Wilkinson

  8. What meals and books have to do with each other / Mary Ruth Wilkinson

  9. Renewal: an antidote for entropy / Walter C. Wright.


Janes, Burton K. “With Heart, Mind and Strength, V 1.” Eastern Journal of Practical Theology 7 (1993): 40–41.

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